The city of Cambridge is offering a new deal for residents with water bills that are significantly higher than normal.

Starting this September, Cambridge residents with water bills over $250.00 will be able to appeal if they feel the bill is inaccurate.

Residents will only be able to appeal twice every few years.  

Coun. Frank Monteiro says this has been a long time coming since he has received hundreds of complaints over the years. He adds if people are still not happy after dealing with city water department officials, they can appeal to the committee.

“If they’re not satisfied with the resolution from staff, they can come to an appeal process which is made up of three councillors and two staff members,” says Monteiro.


THIS IS HOW YOUR CITY HALL WORKS.. a comment from Paula the lady in the interview with the high water bill..

(I truly hope there is a misunderstanding here.)


I have already emailed the councillors.
I don’t qualify !!!!.
No one with the ridiculous bills will qualify as we have to document repairs were completed that caused the leak.
None of us had a leak so how do we document repairs that were never required!!! Nice loop hole they found!!