Cambridge mayor’s race now one to watch

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The race to the Cambridge mayor’s chair has suddenly become more interesting, perhaps enough to make voters sit up and take notice.

With former Cambridge and North Dumfries MPP Kathryn McGarry joining the fray in a bid to become the city’s next mayor in the municipal election on Oct. 22, there is a serious contender that could bump current Mayor Doug Craig from the position he’s held since 2000.

With no disrespect to mayoral candidate Randy Carter, even seasoned councillors in the past, such as Linda Whetham, found it tough to unseat Craig, let alone someone with no political experience.

So what would it take for McGarry to dethrone the current mayor? Well, if you read the Times Facebook page, many argue the former cabinet minister needs to shed her Liberal stripes to fall back into political favour.

While McGarry served well in her one  term as MPP, as well as a short time as transportation minister, the blue wave that hit the Liberals in the provincial election saw her lose to a political newcomer. Even though the local Conservative riding was mired in controversy, Belinda Karahalios managed to pull off a win, despite the fact she was nominated just two months prior to the election.

And as suspected, since McGarry stepped into the mayor’s race, social media pundits have made sure to remind voters about her connections to a party that became so overwhelmingly unpopular in the province.

On the flip side, some are applauding the next step in McGarry’s political journey, viewing her as someone with the right clout to tackle the opioid crisis in the city, bring LRT to Cambridge, and possibly bring GO trains to town.

Craig, however, has long proven he has a loyal supporter base. While the long-standing mayor has been continuously criticized for spending on projects, such as the Galt Old Post Office, pedestrian bridge and Drayton theatre project, he still manages to come out on top. Upon completion of these projects, voices of critics are often overshadowed by the excitement of those enjoying the community-enhancing initiatives.

Still, there is a vocal group that has dubbed its political plight, the ABC movement — Anybody But Craig.

What could be the deciding factor come election day, however, is something else that has been bounced around on the web. Do you go with the devil you know or the devil you don’t? Perhaps it’s not the best way to choose a candidate, but voters often choose familiarity over change.

At any rate, people need to get out and vote and make their voice heard. Don’t settle for someone else’s choice.



4 Responses to Cambridge mayor’s race now one to watch

    Hopeful July 20, 2018 at 3:52 pm

    Well we don’t like the devil in there now – so yes – the unknown sure looks good. I am also with ABC. But as we know, the present Mayor would not go back to paper ballots – gee I just wonder why?? And in the last election he cut many voting places – and people did not receive their voting cards – where to go or when they got there – was closed.
    No sorry – I have not talked to one person that voted for him – so how does he get back in – you got it – internet voting that one can manipulate.
    We hear about it everyday on T.V. – so people get out & vote – ABC.

    Maggie July 24, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    I did not approve all that McGarry did in Liberal party but would back her for Mayor. ABC (Anyone But Craig). She can put her sign on our front yard.
    Donna Reid is running for Ward 1 Councillor – why – her Platform was 2 terms only. Does that mean we cannot trust her words. But then again Craig is running – so here we go again – you scratch my back I’ll………….!! We do not want either one of them.
    Time for change for Mayor definitely and Reid should butt out. Don’t either of these people have family?? We don’t want them!
    ABC or ABR
    We are supporting Cliff for Ward 1 – go Cliff go – put your sign on our lawn!!

    Brian September 3, 2018 at 9:03 pm

    Most people won’t remember the time when Mr. Tucci ran for the Liberals but l do. l was a party member back then. He left this party in a financial mess. He has nothing to offer this city. Go back to Toronto Mr. Tucci.

    Maggie September 4, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    Great comment re Tucci – if the truth is to be known – he is just a plant by Craig to throw off the voter count.
    Gee can’t Craig try to win honestly – he has to keep setting up these false runners to win votes & of course what he has done in the last two elections by cutting polling places, taking them out of Senior homes, not having proper locations mailed out, and shutting doors although the people were there in time, but the Polls could not handle them – how sad that Craig has to stoop this low to win. I guess he hasn’t spent all our money yet on his useless projects. We don’t need any more Bridges to nowhere or a City sign that no one sees – & the Post Office – who we will see if gets used – etc. etc.
    So Brian & Cambridge voters – get rid of Craig – Vote early Polls & vote via paper ballot.
    Internet voting can & will be fixed – has been in the past & will again by Craig as he can’t win any other way & he knows that.
    ABC – McGarry is a good choice – she is well aware of Cambridge happenings.
    We in Ward 1 are voting for Cliff Vanclief – a great guy – honourable.

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