Cambridge councillors consider naming bridge for Doug Craig

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Council will discuss naming the pedestian bridge over the Grand in Galt Tuesday night. – Ray Martin/ Metroland

Despite the opinions of some residents, Coun. Frank Monteiro is determined to move forward with his motion to name the city’s new pedestrian bridge for former Mayor Doug Craig.

“Nothing is going to change my mind,” Monteiro told the Times. “I still think it’s the right thing to do.”

Since Monteiro put forward his notice of motion to name the bridge Craig’s Crossing — in honour of the city’s longest serving mayor — a debate has been raised regarding both the name and the naming process by members of the public. The Times has received a number of letters outlining people’s concerns regarding naming the bridge.

“We were told it was paid for by excess hydro funds, so therefore, if we hydro users paid for it, it should be called The People’s Bridge. Or after the first mayor of Cambridge, Claudette Millar. This should be put to a vote, not just by councillors,” wrote Maggie Smith, Dec. 13.

“A more fitting candidate in that regard to bear this honour would be the first mayor Cambridge had after the amalgamation of Hespeler, Preston and Galt.

“Former mayor Claudette Millar strived to bring unity with the amalgamation and was also successful in bringing the Toyota plant to Cambridge, which is a major employer in this city,” wrote Rande Keffer, Dec. 13.

“In regard to naming the pedestrian bridge after our former mayor, I would like to comment that if it is really necessary to name the pedestrian bridge, I suggest you engage the community by asking for submissions as opposed to simply mandating the name,” wrote Evelyn Hansen, Dec. 20.

Monteiro is not swayed.

“The bridge was part of his [Mayor Craig’s] Back to the River initiative and he took so much hassle over it. It was called the ‘Bridge to Nowhere.’ We knew better but couldn’t say anything at the time. It’s fitting that it be named after him,” Monteiro said.

Monteiro said that he didn’t want to follow the same path as the City of Kitchener — naming the square in front of its city hall for long-servicing mayor Carl Zehr. He further noted that a wall at Langs was named in honour of Mayor Jane Brewer.

“I have a lot of respect for Doug. He loves this city as much as I do. He’s given a lot for this city and this is one way of showing some appreciation for what he has done for Cambridge,” Monteiro said.

Monteiro’s motion will be considered by the city’s general committee on Tuesday night (Jan. 8).

“I don’t think it will be a unanimous vote, but I think I’ll get enough support to have it pass,” he said.

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8 Responses to Cambridge councillors consider naming bridge for Doug Craig

  1. RK January 7, 2019 at 3:38 pm

    Well it looks like Frank Monterio is at it again…sounds like 2019 isn’t going to be any different than it was before he was re-elected..hmmm
    He has his mind made up and no one is going to change it…Sounds like a Councillor I would want to represent me at City Hall…how about you???
    Then when he states ‘I don’t think it will a unanimous vote, but I think I’ll get enough support to have it pass’…. Please oh please that just tells you that he has gone and has been looking to have the Councillors side in with him.
    What kind of Council did we re-elect people???
    Does this mean that no matter what comes up at Council or Committee or other meeting the voice of the people of Cambridge will be silenced because the decision on how to vote on Motions has already been decided before the meeting or the Motion as even been brought up…If that is the case this needs to be investigated!!!!

    The lion needs to be slain!!!!

    mattie January 7, 2019 at 6:26 pm

    What a ridiculous idea again of Monteiros. No we the people that paid for the “Bridge to Nowhere” – we do not want it named after Craig. Craig was voted out so that shows people were fed up with his expensive taste of spending our tax dollars on items not needed. This Bridge was not needed. There are two bridges over that part of the River already. It was a dumb idea. Naming it after Craig is another dumb idea.
    People of Cambridge – call your Councillor or email more than 1 of them so they know we do not want this named after the voted out Mayor. Let’s move forward!!
    Why does it have to be named in the first place. Never heard of this before.
    No we do not want Craig’s name on this piece of wasted Tax money or excess Hydro money – all these dollars could have been put to much better use.
    Please people of Cambridge – wake up – tell them NO Craig. And maybe ask for a vote on it – rather than being forced into it by Councillors voting on this.
    Another wake up call Cambridge Tax payers. Have your say. Or lose it!!

    EMS January 7, 2019 at 7:12 pm

    When I say “Bridge to Nowhere” that is exactly it. GCI & Preston High School NEEDED a Bridge over river for years for students having to travel extra distances to get to their High School safely – but no we get a Bridge – we do not need.
    So as said earlier Craig just spent good money on this idiotic useless Bridge.
    So no do not name it after him – unless Craigk;s Craziness -would suit.
    Let’s ask our Councillors to think about this & make a better decision or ask the people to vote or give suggestions. Still a total waste of good money$$$$$$
    This should be put on hold until more thought has been put into this!
    Why does it need a name? Pedestrian Bridge is good enough for me.

  4. RK January 8, 2019 at 10:01 am

    So if the Committee votes on naming the bridge ‘Craig’s Crossing’ tonight and we all know that Doug Craig is seeking the Federal Conserative Nomination for Cambridge, does that mean that the members of our current Council are supporting a political party? I am inclined to think so and with that in mind there is no way that the bridge should be named after him AT THIS TIME OR EVER

    MES January 8, 2019 at 1:06 pm

    Good point RK – do you think all Council members are clued into this fact? Maybe you should point it out to them that in this case it would be improper/illegal to push the Craig name. Especially when there are so many other good choices, not the man that did what he wanted while Mayor with our Tax dollars.
    Had coffee with a bunch of Preston ladies & they also said “no” to Craig’s name – they voted him out – as did all of Cambridge – why would we want his name on anything. But then again the “Bridge to Nowhere” might be suitable for him as he has taken Cambridge Nowhere – except bring in traffic & people that are just not interested in Cambridge as their town – just a place to sleep$$$
    He liked chopping down mega trees & never had them replaced. No to Craig!!

    Maggie January 9, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Well too bad, but as usual the same old Councillors still have brain-freeze. We spend over 2 million on a Bridge that was not needed supposedly from EXCESS hydro funds and there is the Hospital who has to take care of all us sick Cambridge residents, speaking at Council asking for Millions needed for equipment and to update older tech equipment. Wow – sorry Mr. Gaskin but the City under Craig’s wishes just blew over 2 million on something NOT NEEDED.
    When I explained the waste to the Board member who was shocked by my story, he just shook his head. Here they are at the Hospital trying to cut costs, keep the Hospital up-to-date and our formal Mayor has money for an unneeded Bridge. It seems the Bridge should have been named”The Unneeded Bridge” rather than the Bridge to Nowhere. But too late for the whole sad situation. Such a waste$$$$$$

    Linda January 10, 2019 at 8:14 am

    The Hospital has received 7 million dollars from our Property Taxes

    MES January 10, 2019 at 10:35 pm

    Well if you watched the meeting Tues. night at Council chambers – they are asking for more to maintain & update equipment & tech use. Wasn’t $50,000. mentioned? And an expected 1% fee annually. (of something??)

    Vincent Benjamin – great letter in the Times tonight. You hit it straight on.
    Yes let’s forget the “Bridge to Nowhere” & get on with the serious important issues in Cambridge as the fired Mayor has certainly left us quite a few.
    Let’s lend our new Mayor our energy and support. Onward & forward Cambridge!!

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