Bishop Street Open House April 7, 2010 ( included here, a link from the Nov.2007 open house)

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Just a reminder of what we experienced 3 years ago when we allowed them to bamboozle us with their TCE Dance..
We have a new meeting on April 7th..
To those of you whom have lived and continue to live it..
Ask the tough questions this time..
No more being baffled by their  “hired hands “…
We have legitimate  evidence to back our claims this time. No more shutting someone up with
paperwork from M.O.E and dismissing the tough questions about Health Effects.. Or sending us to
the Library where their books were heavily guarded .. hidden under a desk..  This link is the 2007
open house.. to refresh you and to remind you how they tried dismissing every point or question we
had..I was so angry reading it.
These are innocent trusting people.. looking for some truth and were handed pure BS…. Their whole agenda {in my personal opinion}  was to protect the Polluter
Please link to the last meeting.
























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