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Thomas Vann

Talk is cheap, action is needed now on city’s fentanyl crisis

August 2, 2017

Opinion Aug 02, 2017 03:29 Cambridge Times What a difference a day makes for our mayor. A complete reversal from what I was told, and Dr. Hank Nykamp’s comments as well (must be an election year). A little over a year ago I took a syringe (injection needle) inside a water bottle into city hall […]

Local Police visited the home of “Tommy Vann” over silly comments he made on this site.. ( have you had enough yet Cambridge?) you must VOTE this Control Freak .. out of OFFICE!!

April 2, 2017

Interesting Friday evening. Johnny Law comes to my door. A pair of plain clothed fellows. I welcome them in as I always do. One fellow states they’re here to see me about what I wrote in the media, The Advocate. Perhaps the papers as well. Go ahead boys, ask away. He quoted a comment about […]

Miracles do happen, here’s an example

November 6, 2014

Cambridge Times A woman carrying twins 27 years ago was soon to play a part with divine intervention. Her pregnancy test results showed an issue with one of the twins she was carrying. The parents were concerned about the unknowns and the possible loss of one of the twins. They were prepared for the worst […]

Fight for justice was still worth it

June 24, 2011

This ran in the Times………………. comments invited below Now that the court found our evidence insufficient to order another election in Cambridge, I shall inform the public as to why Debbie Vitez and I challenged the city’s election process. Anyone who suggests sour grapes were involved does so without the facts. Perhaps these people feel […]

Why was, Thomas Vann’s presentation regarding the horrific way Cambridge ON. treated their Senior Citizens during this last election denied?

June 3, 2011

Hello, My name is Thomas Vann. I would like to address some concerns that a lot of seniors have expressed to me.  Those very seniors have problems moving around.  That is why they could not come to this meeting this evening to speak for themselves. These are their concerns: In the last municipal election seniors […]

Where is transparency at city hall? by Thomas Vann

November 23, 2010

This ran in the Cambridge Times… comments invited below On Nov. 8, I was at a city council meeting to speak about seniors and seniors with disabilities during our recent election. I went through proper channels and had paperwork signed by the clerk. When l arrived at the meeting, a strange thing happened. I was […]