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Democracy won in Court Battle

January 9, 2014

Jun 08, 2011 This ran in the KW Record …………. comments invited below Thomas Vann and Debbie Vitez have lost their fight for a new municipal election in Cambridge but they have won the respect of their fellow citizens. At a time when the meaning of democracy is being fiercely debated around the world, these […]

Trial on the TCE: there are too many cancers Shannon says oncologist

January 3, 2014

Publié le 09 mars 2011 à 05h00 | Mis à jour le 09 mars 2011 à 13h09 Pierre Asselin The Sun  (I thought I should scoop and publish this.. (in case no one is paying attention).. Lots of Data on TCE and other deadly chemicals are disappearing from the internet. Hence my coping posts and […]

Ontario municipal councils “addicted” to secrecy, ombudsman says

December 12, 2013

Richard J. Brennan / Toronto Star Order this photo Ombudsman André Marin’s second annual report on local government transparency said 19 of 96 meetings investigated by his office were found to be illegal because they violated the Municipal Act guidelines. By: Richard J. Brennan Provincial Politics, Published on Wed Dec 11 2013   There are […]

City of Cambridge ousts planning commissioner

November 13, 2013

from the kw record online.. ByRecord staff CAMBRIDGE — Janet Babcock is out as Cambridge’s planning commissioner. “It’s just a change in direction,” said Gary Dyke, the city’s new chief administrative officer, on Tuesday. “We’re moving forward with operations. It was a decision that was made.” Babcock, a Cambridge native who took over the city’s […]

Alex Mitchell, Cambridge city clerk, dies of cancer

August 12, 2013

 this ran in the Waterloo Region Record…by Jeff Hicks    Alex Mitchell Submistted photo Alex Mitchell CAMBRIDGE — Alex Mitchell loved the Leafs. “We both did,” said Cambridge Mayor Doug Craig, who once worked the ticket window at Maple Leaf Gardens in his younger days. “That’s what melded us together.” Mitchell, Cambridge’s city clerk since […]

$500,000 donated to Dunfield Theatre project in Cambridge

February 13, 2013

from the Record CAMBRIDGE — Fundraising to help pay for the new Dunfield Theatre in Cambridge is going “extremely well,” says Alex Mustakas, artistic director of Drayton Entertainment. Drayton announced a $500,000 donation to the project Wednesday. John and Terry Hamilton of Cambridge will see the auditorium named after them in the $14-million, 500-seat performing […]

Council in driver’s seat for master plan

August 28, 2011

This ran in the Times……… comments invited below by Ray Martin Fewer than a dozen people turned out to Tuesday night’s open house to discuss the latest draft of the city’s new corporate sustainability plan. “We wish more people had come out and the timing could have been different, but we want to get this […]

Hire a retired professor to figure out why people won’t vote in Cambridge, council told

July 11, 2011

This ran in the KW Record…………. comments invited below CAMBRIDGE — Hire a retired university professor to investigate why people don’t come out to vote in Cambridge, city staff say. And until more research is done, hold off on appointing another citizens committee to look for ways to encourage more election day participation. In a […]

New lot maintenance bylaw passed

June 25, 2011

This ran in the Times……… comments invited below Property owners will have to keep things neat and tidy following approval of a new lot maintenance bylaw. According to the bylaw, storage of derelict vehicles, tire piles or broken down refrigerators will no longer be allowed in people’s yards. “The city needs to lead by example,” […]

Who oversees children’s aid societies?

June 21, 2011

This ran in the Toronto Star …………. comments invited below André Marin Just over five years ago, I was granted the opportunity in these very pages in the Star to argue for something I care strongly about: the need for independent oversight of Ontario’s children’s aid societies. Specifically, the need for that oversight to be […]

Too many attended conference, Kitchener councillor says

June 8, 2011

This ran in the KW Record ………….. comments invited below By Terry Pender, Record staff WATERLOO REGION — Coun. Frank Etherington says too many members of Kitchener city council attended the annual conference of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in Halifax this past weekend and he would like to see limits established for the future. […]

City not listening to Drayton opposition, by B. Hall-Francis

February 22, 2011

This ran in the Times ………… comments invited below I think Alex Mustakas, artistic director for Drayton Entertainment, should listen to local residents and not what city council is telling him. There is more than some “opposition” to having another theatre built in Cambridge at the taxpayers’ expense. When city council heard the uproar about […]

Cambridge Ontario Civil Liberties Association (Exposing municipal government neglect, corruption, and elder abuse, is everyone’s responsibility)

February 15, 2011

In a city that is quickly becoming known as the “Elder Abuse Capital of Canada”, it appears that seniors living in Cambridge Ontario have been kicked in the dentures once again. What you are about to read involves a municipal government that has made the decision to exploit the needs of elderly parents and their […]

Nuns concerned after being prevented from voting

February 11, 2011

CTV news.. southwestern Ontario……….. comments invited below Please follow the link below for the Video CTV Southwestern Ontario Date: Thursday Feb. 10, 2011 6:14 PM ET Two Roman Catholic nuns in Cambridge are concerned after they were prevented from voting in the November 2010 municipal election because of their vow of poverty. Sister St. Henry […]

City of Cambridge Ontario, allows Clerk to submit his election report, Full of inconsistencies

January 30, 2011

Included below is the City of Cambridge’s Election report, submitted by Alex Mitchell Clerk for the City of Cambridge.. **Please note**  Not one !!! City Official including the City paid Lawyer objected to this report.. Please click to review.. pages 95-116 pretain to the Oct 25th Election 2011-01-10__Agenda1  Please remember this Clerk has never been […]

Taking stand against city

December 24, 2010

This ran in the Times………… comments invited below Cambridge resident Thomas Vann should be congratulated for taking a stand against the city. As an unsuccessful candidate in November’s municipal election, he is someone trying to make a difference. Now he is taking it to the next level. Vann filed an application in the Superior Court […]

Council justified in not letting Vann speak

December 14, 2010

This ran in the Cambridge Times ………. comments invited below Re: How about helping instead of criticizing? Thomas Vann I think letter writer Thomas Vann missed the point of Mike Cahill’s guest column. It was an opinion piece, a work of fiction and only loosely based on facts. But perhaps I can help Mr. Vann. […]

Another one of Ben Tucci’s pet projects.. Royal Hotel to be turned into condos

October 3, 2010

This ran in the KW record in 2007…..why do we always accommodate the investors interested in downtown Galt? is my question… your comments invited below  September 18, 2007 KEVIN SWAYZE RECORD STAFF CAMBRIDGE The rotting, city-owned Royal Hotel will be transformed into upscale condominiums and retail space if a city developer’s plans unfold as promised. But taxpayers […]

Did The Mayor of Cambridge Doug Craig and City Clerk Alex Mitchell amend a by-law without the approval of Council?

September 6, 2010

******** With Respect to the City of Cambridge’s supposition that they could supersede the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and invoke some bogus Political /Protest Sign Bylaw. This is the sequence of events: 1. At last fall’s Candidate School, put on by the City Clerk, Alex Mitchell; a booklet was given out that included this […]

Main Street Cambridge facelift slimmed down

July 14, 2010

This ran in the KW record.. comments invited below July 13, 2010 By Kevin Swayze, Record staff   CAMBRIDGE — Main Street will get a facelift between Ainslie and Water streets this year, but it won’t be as big as first planned. In January, city council endorsed a $750,000 streetscaping project, on the condition the […]