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Waterloo Municipal Elections… everyone has an opinion, most are the current elected officials.. and the clerks paid for by the city..

February 16, 2017

City clerk argues against ranked ballots for municipal elections Ranked ballots are the right way to go City will work out details on ranked ballots Updated: Experts weigh in on ranked ballots as issue heads to city council Voters need a greater voice in Cambridge   Ranked ballots a no-go […]

The Dangers of Internet Voting… { Again, why is Cambridge using internet voting?}

February 15, 2017

  Revised and Updated July 26, 2016 Those who believe that “voting online is the future” or that it is “possible given current technology” to create a secure online voting system are dangerously mistaken.[1] According to computer experts, Internet voting is vulnerable to cyber-attack and fraud—vulnerabilities inherent in current hardware and software, as well as […]

City looks at tightening local election policy, Current policy too ‘loosey goosey’ says city clerk

February 14, 2017

editors note.. Included here, are comments from the late Alex Mitchell, ( Clerk for the City of Cambridge ) regarding the questionable 2010 Election. When it was found the Mayor was running his campaign out of City Hall.. In complete violation of the Elections ACT   this ran in the times………….. APRIL 14, 2012 City […]

Democracy won in Court Battle…

February 13, 2017

Democracy won in Court Battle..{ 2010 Municipal Election} By Staff | January 9, 2014 | 7 Comments | Filed under: 2014 Municipal Election, Community Jun 08, 2011 This ran in the KW Record …………. comments invited below.. RE: the highly questionable 2110 Municipal Election.. Thomas Vann and Debbie Vitez have lost their fight for a new municipal election in Cambridge but […]

Time to shame a low level MAYOR and Council.. Time to support Paul Tavares’s Effort on behalf of the HOMELESS..

February 12, 2017

Cambridge man to sleep 90 days in cold tent to raise awareness for the homeless Fundraising effort sparks mix of reactions, but is generating conversation about homelessness   Cambridge Times ByLisa Rutledge CAMBRIDGE — In quietly setting up a tent in the freezing temperatures on private land but in public view, Paul Tavares is quickly […]

RE: The Mayor and Council of Cambridge, by E P. Mercer…the pen

February 11, 2017

So the “so called Mayor” and a few of his followers (councillors) are pointing the finger at social media for their public image of disrespect and deceitful manner they treat us taxpayers. The truth hurts; if you have a conscience. People say things about people’s actions, comments and character as they see and hear […]

Security questions remain for online voting initiative (Letter to the Editor)

February 11, 2017

By Staff | October 6, 2014 | 13 Comments | Filed under: 2014 Municipal Election Cambridge Times CAMBRIDGE– A recent article by Bill Jackson summarized city clerk Michael Di Lullo’s talking points on securing the upcoming municipal election here in Cambridge. He was asked as to whether the new voting options could increase the potential for voter fraud, and his answers […]

Why is Doug Craig still our ” Mayor”, and most of his Puppets still in” Office”..?

February 9, 2017

Why isn’t anyone questioning how this continues to happen during every Municipal Election? Would it have anything to do with his Creative Elections???.. Cutting polling locations, polling stations.. the use of Tabulators, Internet and Telephone Votes? I have to question with his long long long list of legacy projects, why the residents of this city […]

​David Dill: Why Online Voting Is a Danger to Democracy.. (so why is Cambridge using it? )

February 8, 2017

If, like a growing number of people, you’re willing to trust the Internet to safeguard your finances, shepherd your love life, and maybe even steer your car, being able to cast your vote online might seem like a logical, perhaps overdue, step. No more taking time out of your workday to travel to a polling […]

City Committee Endorses Ranked Ballot Voting… London Ontario ( so what is Cambridge afraid of?)

January 26, 2017

Posted: January 25, 2017 07:22 am London is one step closer to becoming the first city in Ontario to use ranked ballots for a municipal campaign. The Corporate Services Committee met Tuesday and voted 3-2 to begin a public consultation process with the ultimate goal of getting rid of the first-past-the-post system currently in use. […]

Is this why Cambridge Council hired their own Integrity commissioner, and Ombudsman?

January 26, 2017

**Editors note** How else can this guy vote.. ?? The City is PAYING HIM !!!. so he opts to sit on the fence??. { INTERESTING TO SAY THE LEAST! } A bit of Double Standards here? ******************** Integrity commissioner finds mayor’s involvement on task force was ‘reasonable’ Concerns about Craig’s participation also “reasonable” given the […]

Frank Monteiro should not be allowed to vote on the Multiplex location

January 11, 2017

Your City Hall at its finest Cambridge {?} The interview below is your City of Cambridge Council Member FRANK MONTEIRO At a recent 570 news interview, he openly admits to staying away from the MULTIPLEX meetings, because he didn’t want  to  “CLOUD HIS MIND”.. (with alternatives or understanding the public’s concerns?) FIRST they denied Jan […]

Clean bill of health for Drayton site ( from June 16/2011

January 2, 2017

Cambridge Times JUNE 16-2011 City of Cambridge has decided to waive the need for a record of site condition where the new Cambridge performing arts centre will be built. It’s a move at least one neighbour is concerned about. Planner Phil Garrod, representing Southworks Factory Outlet Mall, told council his client has a concern that […]

There’s no valid excuse to drink and drive – (not even for Councillor Pam Wolf)

December 30, 2016

“Cambridge Coun. Pam Wolf says she’s “disappointed” to have been found guilty of having care and control of a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit.” (CTV Kitchener, Published Thursday, October 17, 2013) “Under the guidelines of the Municipal Act, it’s up to each municipality to create a code of conduct for councillors, […]

Council ‘let the devil loose’ by easing rules

December 13, 2016

  Council has set an ill-conceived precedent that it will not enforce their own rules opening the door to others who might conclude that they need not worry about complying with councils bylaws rules or restrictions.   Cambridge Times Re: Article titled “Council gives builders a break on restrictions” published Dec. 1. My comments are […]

Corruption at City Hall? ( coincidence ??.. you decide )

December 11, 2016

Rationale lacking for $12.5M library project: Liggett Freedom of Information requests denied…    Nov 06, 2014     (Editors note.. any wonder why Craig’s puppets are ostracizing and voting against Jan Leggitt.. She was targeted from the get go!!!!!!!).. **********   Corruption at City Hall? by Scot Ferguson By Staff| January 28, 2015 | 14 Comments | Filed under: […]

Regarding the 2017 budget and City Manager Gary Dyke

December 8, 2016

Regarding the 2017 budget City Manager Gary Dyke said “there is no way to bring down the proposed tax hike other than to cut services”   Interesting, how City Manager, Mr. Dyke seems unable to contain City expenditures and resultant Tax increases…   City Manager Dyke, in 2015 collected a 15.5% ‘Year over Year’ increase in remuneration – more than 3-times […]

New rule ‘undermines transparency’ of council

December 1, 2016

Cambridge Times Regarding Times’ Nov. 22 editorial (titled “Was it the right decision?”)about the pros and cons of Cambridge council’s new procedural bylaw, which bans council members from attending closed-door committee meetings to which they’re not appointed. Clearly this was a wrong decision. In the end, it was passed by a slight 5-4 vote majority; […]

Low voter turnout to blame for ‘poor quality of public officials’?

December 1, 2016

Cambridge Times Re: Letter to the Editor titled “Time to drain council swamp”, published Nov. 29. I couldn’t agree more with everything Mr. Thomas Vann said. As a resident of Cambridge for the past 41 years, I  watch as a once-efficient council under the leadership of the illustrious late Claudette Millar, with committed council members […]

Torn apart and brought together

November 30, 2016

Cambridge Times The location of the city’s planned recreation multiplex is a divisive issue. There are a lot of varying opinions about where this facility – the city’s largest-ever community infrastructure project – should be built. At the originally proposed Conestoga College site? On one of the Pinebush Road properties discussed? Riverside Park? Though a […]