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Rande Keffer

Are Polling Stations and Locations being cut on ELECTION DAY?

October 2, 2018

Mr. Di Lullo: I have heard some rumours that are troubling me about what is happening regarding voting on election day and in particular as it pertains to our senior citizens. I have heard from a few reliable sources that one facility in particular that houses about 187 residents more or less are only going […]

My Letter to Doug Craig.. by Rande Keffer

September 19, 2018

Letter to Doug Craig   Mr. Craig:   Well it is really evident that we are into another election campaign.  While I thought campaigns were a platform to set out goals and ideals that make the city a better place.   That being said, social media venues such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become […]

My Letter to Greg Durocher… by Rande Keffer

September 19, 2018

Mr. Durocher: I read the article in The Record today regarding the questions that you have been asking the candidates in the interviews you have conducted thus far for this Municipal Election. In my opinion some of these questions are very inappropriate and cross the line.  These questions would not be able to be asked […]

Cybersecurity threats risk the democratic process in Cambridge

April 3, 2018

News07:39 AMCambridge Times At the Tuesday, March 27, City of Cambridge council meeting, Aleksander Essex, an expert in cybersecurity and assistant professor at Western University appeared before council to address the risks of online voting. Since this item was not on the agenda and therefore Essex would not be able to speak on this topic, […]

Cyber Attack at City Hall ( how safe is the Cambridge 2018 Municipal Election?)

February 18, 2018

  Attention; Mayor Doug Craig, Gary Dyke, Michael DuLillo, Councillor Donna Reid, Councillor, Mike Devine, Councillor Mike Mann, Councillor Jan Liggett, Councillor, Pam Wolf, Councillor Shannon Adshade, Councillor Frank Monterio, Councillor Nicholas Ermetta and Cambridge Council I read the article that appeared on February 15, 2018 and titled ‘ Global Cyber Attack Hit Municipal Website.’ […]