Are Polling Stations and Locations being cut on ELECTION DAY?

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Mr. Di Lullo:
I have heard some rumours that are troubling me about what is happening regarding voting on election day and in particular as it pertains to our senior citizens.
I have heard from a few reliable sources that one facility in particular that houses about 187 residents more or less are only going to have a 2hour window in order to cast their ballots on October 22.
If that is the truth that does not even give an resident time to get from their room to wherever the polling station might be within this facility.
According to my calculations if the poll is only open for 120 minutes (2 hours) and there are 187 residents in his facility that only gives a resident 64 seconds to get to the poll and cast their ballot.
That is not enough time at all considering that a lot of residents if facilities such as these have mobility issues and would not even be able to make it to the polling station in time.
Yes I do understand that not all the electorate in such facilities take the time to vote but we do need to provide reasonable time for them to be able to exercise their democratic right.
Yes I also understand that you make the decision as to what is a reasonable amount of time for the polls to be open in places such as these, but this to me is not a reasonable about of time for any senior even someone who is reasonably mobile to get to the polling station in their facility.
Is it fair for our seniors to have limited hours to vote?
Don’t they deserve time to look over the ballots and make a clear decision?
Also along that topic, I seem to be finding 39 polling stations for the October 22 election.
With a city our size is that really enough polling stations?
I am assuming that the number does not include polling stations at Retirement homes or the advance polls.
I would also like to know if polling station will be shut down on voting day as has happened in the past and if that is the case how can the voting public know of these changes.
Can this not be printed at least a day or two before voting day or will these people have to figure out for themselves if the polling station has been moved.
(Mrs) Rande Keffer


5 Responses to Are Polling Stations and Locations being cut on ELECTION DAY?

    CivicRight October 2, 2018 at 9:40 pm

    Oh my gosh is this true?? What is going on in Cambridge?? Does Mr. Dulillo not want Seniors to vote or other residents as well.
    Only 39 Polls – what is going on? In 2010 Polls were cut to extreme & you mean this is happening again. This is disgusting.
    Yes voting numbers are not 100% but maybe the City could instigate some interest in voting.
    Like teaching the teens in High School it is our Civic duty.
    And also teach them that Online voting is not safe. Can be re-directed.
    I think Mr. Dulillo you had better confirm to the residents of Cambridge just what is going on. And were you given instructions to again delete more voting Polls. And we are wondering from whom! And why!

    2010 was a disaster and many know this as they lost their right to vote because of cut Polls, misleading locations, shutting the doors on people already lined up, taking away polls FROM SENIOR HOMES & MANY WERE TOO FRAIL TO STAND IN THE LINES THAT YOU created because of the mess you made in the many area.
    Mr. Dulillo I do believe it is your job to secure voting Polls for all Tax payers & give them their civic right to vote.
    Seniors, Taxpayers, all residents – try to vote at the early Polls which seem more secure or else your Poll indicated on your voting card could disappear as they did in 2010. Do you people not wonder why this is going on? I would.
    Vote early Polls Oct. 6. Vote on paper ballots. Do not use internet.
    But please vote!

    Rick Muise October 3, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    What the hell is going on in Cambridge? Of course the mayor knows nothing about the election mess just like the bridge photo hack. This mayor needs to go. l think he is out of control and won’t be getting me or the Mrs. vote. No doubt Tucci was a last minute fix. This guy needs to get out of politics. He is all about him and useless I’ve seen. We need this city fixed and legacy projects crushed. l see craig and tucci as one the same.

    Maggie October 4, 2018 at 11:45 am

    Rick you have that right – Tucci was in on the over-priced buy for Post Office. He is a Banker & that’s it.
    McGarry has her house up “for sale” – so she is definitely dedicated to moving to Cambridge & being our Mayor – for change & transparency.
    You are right – Tucci is only a vote-split – buddy Craig put this in motion.
    People vote – early Polls – as yours could disappear by the time you get there.
    Paper ballot only as your online vote can be re-directed. It has happened!!!
    Just vote McGarry & let Cambridge grow in the right directions. Vote McGarry!!

    AVoter October 6, 2018 at 11:47 am

    I would think if Dulillo is not answering the person who wrote the above letter, then it could be possible when you go to vote at the Poll on your information, it might not be there, or moved to another Poll, or even if you are in line by the time stated, they have closed the doors on the lineup, or hours shortened, or closed completely at Seniors homes, etc. etc.
    So I would advise early voting at the Notice in the Times paper & go to one of them to make sure you get to exercise your Right to Vote.
    Vote early Polls. Vote only paper ballot (so they can be re-counted if necessary), but vote in this Municipal election. And vote McGarry of course.

    Wondering October 8, 2018 at 12:14 pm

    Oh dear – I did go & vote in Hespeler at the early Poll & guess who is monitoring it – M. Duluillo – the City Clerk. Is this legal?
    With all the claims of internet being able to be re-directed – am afraid of where my paper vote ended up.
    With all the shenanigans by Craig & now by Tucci – one just wonders what is going on in this Election.

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