ANOTHER HACK.. let’s see Craig and his IT professional sidetrack this one..

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Waterloo Region warns residents after My Waste App hacked

Recycle Coach company’s app breached, region apologizes after 3,000 emails accessed

News01:12 PMby Lisa Rutledge Cambridge Times
My Waste APP emails breached

– Region of Waterloo/Photo

The Region of Waterloo is apologizing to subscribers of its My Waste app after the app was hacked and 3,000 email addresses were accessed and compromised, particularly subscribers who agreed to receive marketing updates via the program.

The region, which was notified Tuesday of the breach by the app’s parent company Recycle Coach, states the majority of Waterloo Region subscribers were not affected by the hack, and the app was not compromised.

A statement released by the region Friday maintains only email addresses were accessed, emphasizing passwords, names and addresses were not compromised. It does, however, indicate some subscribers might receive or continue to receive spam email as a result of the breach.

“The Region of Waterloo takes privacy seriously and we would like to apologize to the individuals affected by this error,” states the news bulletin.

Once notified of the hack, regional staff invoked its privacy breach protocol and launched an investigation. The region says Recycle Coach, which has received worldwide reports regarding hacking of its apps, has assured them it is taking steps to improve security to protect user privacy.

The region’s waste management division is also exploring alternative options for waste management apps to meet the region’s standards and needs of local residents.

My Waste provides subscribers with updated information regarding garbage, recycling and green bin pickup schedules.

Lisa Rutledge

by Lisa Rutledge

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4 Responses to ANOTHER HACK.. let’s see Craig and his IT professional sidetrack this one..

    Fedup April 21, 2018 at 12:55 pm

    Another hacking in the Region – shortly after Cambridge’s City was hacked.
    Just goes to prove Internet is just not safe yet if ever.
    Therefore people in Cambridge wish to retain the dependable voting by paper ballots only. Re-open all the Polling stations shut down last Election, thereby denying many voters not able to vote. Shutting out the elderly in Homes.
    And for those that did vote by Online – did it go to the right person?
    I speak to many people – many groups – etc. etc. & have not heard from one person that voted for Craig – so how did he get back in again?? Of course vote was split too many ways – but still – makes one wonder about the last election outcome doesn’t it? Judge for yourself voters…. Hacking goes on everyday.
    Email/call your Councillor & the Mayor – to return to paper ballots for 2018.

    Been There April 21, 2018 at 4:44 pm

    Well maybe Mayor Craig will say that this is overblown as well just like he stated in his letter to the Editor in the Times.
    This whole ‘hacking’ ‘breach’ whatever you want to call it needs to be taken seriously and it just is a reminder that the internet is not as ‘secure’ as some politicians want us to think it is.
    So what should the average Citizen do about this knowledge…Use it!!
    Make sure that you keep informed and then when it comes time for the municipal election, Do not use the internet.
    I think each and every one has 15 minutes to spare to go to the polling stations and cast their vote.

    TJT April 24, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    But Mayor Craig said that the city website was not a ‘hack’…makes me want to do online voting for sure…makes me think that votes can be stacked and that online voting is not the way to go..
    Any comments from others on this subject??

    Maggie May 2, 2018 at 4:34 pm

    Definitely not the way to go. Definitely can be fixed.
    And you can tell an election is coming – did you read all the gob-belly goop by Craig – cranking his own self – really – he thinks he has done well – I don’t think so – our streets are a mess – infrastructure is a mess – we have a drug issue in Cambridge that he had to be told about by Mr. Vann – he keeps building things – like the Bridge to nowhere – & a Cambridge sign at City Hall that no one will see – especially visitors off the 401 – that we do not need. Just goes on & on – ridiculous & a bookless Library in that only serves Galt. Traffic is out of hand – & he calls himself a Mayor?? And lucky us – he is going to run again & spend our money on dumb stuff – next is the gondolas on the Grand – all part of his so-called plan. Fix the City first – a bypass would be a starter – should have been done years ago.
    Please people do not vote for him on paper ballots or any other way. We need a fresh person for Mayor.
    We need a go-train for crying out loud from here to Toronto. It is a no-brainer!! Why can’t we get action on this?
    We sure do not need the LRT – just buses in Cambridge will work great. Someone is just making lots of money on the LRT – dumb idea. And they can’t even get the trains going on it. Makes a mess of the City – No LRT – No Craig for 2018!!
    Wake up voters & tax-payers = time to make a big change for change!!!!!!!!

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