“An Open Letter” too… City of Cambridge, Region of Waterloo, Ministry of Environment & Public Health

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This is an Open Request..


To have all Wells in Cambridge Tested for the following:


NDMA, Dioxins, toluene, Zylcnes, Ethyl Benzene,1,1,1,. trichloresthase 1,1,2.. Trichloroethane, chloroform, pyrene, styrene, phenol,

hexachlorobenzene, all chlorophenois, 1,4 Dioxane, THM’s, and MEK and MIBK


Can you please test them at a very low Method Detection Limit? Being told that for example Toluene is at less then 5ppm. is practically useless.


When do you plan on testing the following Cambridge Drinking wells again?


G6…G9…P6…P15…P16..H3…H5…The Turnbull Wells and Pinebush Wells


Please advise as to why each Cambridge Well was shut down during 2009 and why some continue to be shut down into 2010


May we also have all the results of other Wells that you tested since 2007, as they were not presented in the 2009 Annual Report for Cambridge Wells.


Also any information pertaining to wells P2 and P5 in Preston..



Please post your findings on the Region’s Website for the Public to view..

This is our Health and the Health of our Children..


It’s our “RIGHT” to know…” Every” chemical present in our drinking water.










a comment From agm NDMA shut down the wells in Elmira in November 1989. A Dr. Lijinsky from Maryland testified at the Environmental Appeal Board hearing that NDMA was probably one of the most potent carcinogens known to mankind. Well P6 (Dunbar Rd.) exceeded the drinking water standard on September 29, 2003. It was shut down on October 14, 2003. There were several more detections just below the drinking water standard  later in October. By 2004 the well was reopened. Chloriform  (yes the anathestic) , Bromiform and several other THM’s (Trihalomethanes) have also been found in numerous Cambridge drinking wells.







The 2009 Annual Report conveniently doesn’t show test results for NDMA, Chloriform or THM’s.




















3 Responses to “An Open Letter” too… City of Cambridge, Region of Waterloo, Ministry of Environment & Public Health

  1. Debbie Duff Vitez December 6, 2014 at 2:15 am


  2. agmarshall@rogers.com'
    al marshall December 6, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Debbie: I (agm) mentioned well P6 above being shut down in 2003. Recall that it has now been shut down permanently apparently for the last two or three years. My expectation that is due to TCE but perhaps also NDMA.

  3. Debbie Duff Vitez December 6, 2014 at 10:30 am

    thanx Al..
    I think it’s time I start a facebook page with all these documents on it.. Might open some eyes in this city..

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