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The Waterloo Region District School Board has done it. Likely at least one of our municipalities have tried it. Now the Waterloo Region Police Board are doing it. A class action lawsuit was filed against them a couple of years back regarding their treatment of female police officers. The blue wall really is only about the boys in blue. The allegations in the lawsuit describe various despicable actions by male police officers, generally those of higher ranks although not exclusively.

Kelly Donovan, a former police officer, has challenged them and taken them to court. Her allegations have been supported by many other female officers as well as by some senior male officers. Despite this the Police Board have filed a suit against Kelly Donovan
alleging that she has broken her resignation agreement. It also appears that the Police Board are using some sort of legal loophole to get around recent amendments (2015) to Ontario’s Libel laws. This is shameful behaviour when public institutions break the laws in the first place by harassing and discriminating against employees and then turn around and use public funds for over the top legal SLAPP suits. SLAPP stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation.

Instead of a long overdue housecleaning at the top, we the taxpayers are facing the specter of those in charge hiding behind both taxpayers money and the courts in order for them to misbehave with impunity. This has to end. Senior police management along with the Police Services Board and our local regional politicians are debasing the reputations of many fine and professional rank and file police officers by their circle the wagons and bury their heads in the sand approach to this long standing issue. Posted by Alan Marshall




    Alan Marshall February 7, 2019 at 10:25 am

    I believe that our regional politicians over the last twenty-five to thirty years are most blame worthy for the state of affairs within our police department. They are less to blame for the failures of our judicial system however. That “honour” goes to provincial and federal politicians. Just like teachers there are excellent police officers (I’ve met some of them) and there are others who are either bullies, incompetent or just not cut out for the job. Like hierarchies everywhere, it’s not necessarily the cream that rises to the top of these organizations. Nor is it always the incorrigible cops that get the boot when it rarely happens.
    Our WRPS is responsible to the public through our elected regional representatives. They have avoided stepping in and cleaning up for a very long time. The treatment of women and some minorities has been second class and tacitly permitted for decades to the everlasting shame of the police association, police services board and by the senior management of the WRPS. If not our regional council stepping in via their appointments to the police board and cleaning up the mess and dragging everybody else into the 21st century, then who?

    Brian Clarke March 7, 2019 at 3:48 pm

    It is abuse and filth at the top of the food chain. To serve and protect is a joke slogan. I read Kelly’s book and was shocked at the abuse. Now this is unnecessary and tars all police. Disgusting. Larkin should become a politician next ’cause he fits right in.

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