A response by M.Boilard to..TCE regulations changed

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A response to the Times article.. TCE regulations Changed


Now this is a better article, as it reveals the doubt in the whole affair…

The article quotes a Regional report that states:
“The new levels are based on the latest science and, while the risks associated with TCE are not imminent, there is evidence symptoms could occur over time.”
The Region is acknowledging doubt with this statement.

There is indeed strong scientific evidence that supports the conclusion that symptoms will occur over time. Many residents in the Bishop Street community are experiencing that evidence with their health issues. The motive of governments’ consistent refusal to study these contaminated communities’ health issues also supports that conclusion…they don’t want to know, for they don’t want to shoulder the responsibilities that comes with such knowledge.

The Regional report to Council also stated:
“The current indoor air levels of TCE in homes do not represent an acute health risk, but may represent a health risk if exposure is chronic,”

When referring to ‘acute health risk’, they mean the immediate (here and now) and not the past effects of the chronic long term exposure the community has been subjected to. They have yet to look into the chronic long term effects of the Bishop Street exposure…then again…they don’t want to.

M. Boilard



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