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Former Times editor was exceptional in his job

March 16, 2018

Opinion Mar 14, 2018 Cambridge Times With so much fake and deceptive news in the media, one can become skeptical of reported news. So often facts and the truth are missing or twisted for a favorable effect suited to an agenda. During the period Richard Vivian was editor of our community paper, the Times, I […]

Province of Ontario Internet voting

March 8, 2018

EXCERPTS FROM THIS SITE.. Province of Ontario Internet voting   I will quote only the section on chain of trust, just to illustrate the complexity of properly building an Internet voting system, followed with some commentary: If the implementation of the network voting system does not both support the Chain of Trust and provide auditable evidence, […]

Cambridge reverses course on Riverside Park dam

March 7, 2018

News08:32 AMby Jeff Hicks Waterloo Region Record Cambridge city council voted 8-0 on Tuesday night against a recommendation to rip out the Riverside Park Dam. – Peter Lee , Record staff file photo CAMBRIDGE — Tear it down, a city-led team of environmental and engineering professionals concluded. Rip out the 128-year-old Riverside Park Dam and […]