Monthly Archives: December 2017

Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions

December 10, 2017

Opinion Dec 05, 2017Cambridge Times Every so often we hear about a police officer who commits a crime or breaks a serious guideline. It happens in our region and across the province often enough that flags should be going up and serious changes made. When it’s the police policing themselves, there seems to be a […]

Where was the Phantom Mayor of this City?

December 9, 2017

It is a known fact that Mayor Doug Craig attended the Annual Cambridge Santa Claus Parade. On Saturday December 2nd, Hespeler, also known as The Village on the River held their Annual Santa Claus Parade but there was no sign of our Mayor DOUG CRAIG. All EIGHT members of City Council were present, took time […]


December 6, 2017

What is this Council up to now?   A member of the public was going to attend the Special Council Meeting on the Multiplex issue on Monday evening at City Hall. This member was sitting at the landing next to the washroom on the third floor which houses Council Chambers. This is the area where […]

Cambridge mayor pats himself on back ‘for a job not even started’

December 6, 2017

An open letter to Mayor Doug Craig Opinion Dec 01, 2017Cambridge Times When I read your recent Letter to the Editor of the Cambridge Times (“Officials, community ‘taking tangible actions’ to address ongoing opioid crisis”, published Nov. 14), I came away with a deep sense of disbelief. I thought, after all the discussion, all the […]