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SHAME ON YOU MIKE DEVINE ( Hespeler Councillor) also voted for electronic voting..

April 24, 2017

Mike Devine, Hespeler Councillor also voted for internet and telephone voting..  {Remember this come Election Time, Hespeler}.. I did send him an email prior to the vote showing him numerous sites that clearly state how unsafe this method of casting a ballot is. DID HE LISTEN?.. Did he even bother to respond.. NO IS THE […]

Mike Mann, ( Preston Councillor) voted for ELECTRONIC VOTING… based on “Staff Recommendation”..

April 23, 2017

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR THE CTV INTERVIEW   to……Mike Mann, Preston Ward Councillor: As you are well aware we went before Council to give council an idea of why internet voting is not a good way for our City to vote in 2018. We heard what you had to say and  we seen your interview […]

For those who are unable to attend City Hall April 18th { Re: Electronic Voting Issues}

April 15, 2017

To those unable to attend Tuesday’s council meeting.   Please consider emailing the City Clerk and City Council with your concerns regarding the use of Electronic Ballots in the 2018 Municipal Election.   { I am including a sample letter, you’re welcome to copy and use.. It’s simple and to the […]

Cambridge residents living near TCE contamination fear health problems

April 14, 2017

Tracy Hipel of Cambridge is seen in his backyard earlier this year. The shed behind him houses a soil vapour extraction unit. He has to ensure clear access to the shed at all times as an employee visits the shed twice a week. Hipel has acted as an advocate for many in the neighbourhood in […]

Residents want answers about ongoing TCE contamination in Cambridge

April 13, 2017

Tracy Hipel of Cambridge is seen in his backyard earlier this year. The shed behind him houses a soil vapour extraction unit. He has to ensure clear access to the shed at all times as an employee visits the shed twice a week. (Kate Bueckert/CBC) The city has to take ownership of the residents … […]


April 12, 2017


April 11, 2017

{ it’s time for Super Man to hang up his cape} unchallenged Power does strange things to people.. * HE NOT ONLY CONTROLS OUR CITY… * HE CONTROLS WHO GETS HIRED… * HE HAS 90% CONTROL OVER CAMBRIDGE COUNCIL… * HE HAS 100% CONTROL OVER STAFF… * HE NOW HAS A ” CODE OF CONDUCT” […]

An email I sent to Cambridge Clerk DiLullo and Cambridge Council.. ( so far no one has acknowledged receiving said email)

April 10, 2017

INCLUDED HERE:   Plenty of Evidence to justify  PAPER BALLOTS / HAND COUNTED for the 2018 MUNICIPAL ELECTION Posting this so Council can’t say, they didn’t know the risk with ELECTRONIC VOTING.. From: Debbie Vitez <> To: “” <>; Michael Di Lullo <> From: Debbie Vitez <> Sent: April 8, 2017 2:38 PM To: […]

A federal committee has recommended against national Internet voting.

April 9, 2017

editors note: If the feds and the provinces don’t trust it.. Why are our Elected Officials insisting we use it..? Electronic voting in Canada From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Federal elections and provincial elections use paper ballots, but electronic voting has been used since at least the 1990s at the municipal level. Committee reports and […]

The phantom motion that nearly caused a Cambridge referendum

April 8, 2017

Apr 07, 2017 12:00 by Richard Vivian Cambridge Times It seemed, at first, as though I would be penning a correction notice, perhaps accompanied by an apology to readers. How could I have messed up this badly? But the more I looked into where I went so terribly wrong, the more obvious it became the […]

Online voting to return for 2018 election

April 8, 2017

Apr 07, 2017 12:00 by Richard Vivian Cambridge Times CAMBRIDGE — Residents will once again have the option of casting their votes online or via telephone during next year’s municipal election. Council members, meeting at the general committee on Tuesday (April 4), approved the use of paper ballots as well as online and telephone voting. […]

The voter is Boss: KW Record – Nov. 13, 2010

April 5, 2017

   The voter is the boss Originally printed in the KW Record – Nov. 13, 2010 Last month’s municipal elections should have reminded civic leaders everywhere in Ontario who they work for. But since the lessons seems to have been lost on a few misguided Cambridge politicians who treated a fellow citizen disgracefully this week, […]

After a CYBER attack, students write literacy tests on paper – Is Cambridge Internet Voting really SAFE?

April 4, 2017

Is Cambridge Internet Voting as safe as we are being told? Why do they assume that the City of Cambridge is the only non hackable system? Read below as to how a cyber attack forced students to write the EQAO tests with pen and paper.  Cyber hacking is REAL. There is no auditing or verification […]

More fake news from Frank Monteiro on the Multiplex

April 3, 2017

  I recently was listing to News Talk 570 Radio.   Councillor Frank Monteiro was on the air and was talking about the Multiplex issue over the air.   I found it very interesting when I was listening and hearing some of the things that he was saying over the air.   One of the things he said […]

Your POWER HUNGRY AND OUT OF CONTROL MAYOR “Doug Trump” ( is now sending police to your home over comments you post!!)

April 2, 2017

BELOW are COMMENTS TAKEN FROM A LOCAL FACEBOOK PAGE.. THE GROUP IS CALLED..Cambridge Citizen Discussion on local politics UNDER THE CAPTION.. Controversial new ‘inclusiveness standards’ for public behaviour at city events Policy is revised and renamed constituents’ code of conduct ******* DOUG CRAIG ACTUALLY SENT THE POLICE TO THESE PEOPLE’S HOMES.. he is totally […]

Local Police visited the home of “Tommy Vann” over silly comments he made on this site.. ( have you had enough yet Cambridge?) you must VOTE this Control Freak .. out of OFFICE!!

April 2, 2017

Interesting Friday evening. Johnny Law comes to my door. A pair of plain clothed fellows. I welcome them in as I always do. One fellow states they’re here to see me about what I wrote in the media, The Advocate. Perhaps the papers as well. Go ahead boys, ask away. He quoted a comment about […]