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There’s no valid excuse to drink and drive – (not even for Councillor Pam Wolf)

December 30, 2016

“Cambridge Coun. Pam Wolf says she’s “disappointed” to have been found guilty of having care and control of a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit.” (CTV Kitchener, Published Thursday, October 17, 2013) “Under the guidelines of the Municipal Act, it’s up to each municipality to create a code of conduct for councillors, […]

Council ‘let the devil loose’ by easing rules

December 13, 2016

  Council has set an ill-conceived precedent that it will not enforce their own rules opening the door to others who might conclude that they need not worry about complying with councils bylaws rules or restrictions.   Cambridge Times Re: Article titled “Council gives builders a break on restrictions” published Dec. 1. My comments are […]

Another example of how City Hall Cambridge deals with/ discourages “FOI ” requests !!

December 11, 2016

  On the topic of…Freedom of Information requests being DENIED… Please click on the attachment below.. I also requested under FOI back in 2010… when it was brought to my attention that the Mayor was running his 2010 Mayoral Campaign out of our City Hall…WHICH IS TOTALLY AGAINST THE LAW! I requested email from approx […]

Corruption at City Hall? ( coincidence ??.. you decide )

December 11, 2016

Rationale lacking for $12.5M library project: Liggett Freedom of Information requests denied…    Nov 06, 2014     (Editors note.. any wonder why Craig’s puppets are ostracizing and voting against Jan Leggitt.. She was targeted from the get go!!!!!!!).. **********   Corruption at City Hall? by Scot Ferguson By Staff| January 28, 2015 | 14 Comments | Filed under: […]


December 10, 2016

  *Editors Note* I recently received this email below.. Interesting read.. This took place during the questionable 2010 Election which found all the old boys club voted back into office, along with a few that quickly joined said ” OL’ BOYS CLUB”… ( the attachment did run in the KW Record print version, which quickly […]

Regarding the 2017 budget and City Manager Gary Dyke

December 8, 2016

Regarding the 2017 budget City Manager Gary Dyke said “there is no way to bring down the proposed tax hike other than to cut services”   Interesting, how City Manager, Mr. Dyke seems unable to contain City expenditures and resultant Tax increases…   City Manager Dyke, in 2015 collected a 15.5% ‘Year over Year’ increase in remuneration – more than 3-times […]

New rule ‘undermines transparency’ of council

December 1, 2016

Cambridge Times Regarding Times’ Nov. 22 editorial (titled “Was it the right decision?”)about the pros and cons of Cambridge council’s new procedural bylaw, which bans council members from attending closed-door committee meetings to which they’re not appointed. Clearly this was a wrong decision. In the end, it was passed by a slight 5-4 vote majority; […]

Low voter turnout to blame for ‘poor quality of public officials’?

December 1, 2016

Cambridge Times Re: Letter to the Editor titled “Time to drain council swamp”, published Nov. 29. I couldn’t agree more with everything Mr. Thomas Vann said. As a resident of Cambridge for the past 41 years, I  watch as a once-efficient council under the leadership of the illustrious late Claudette Millar, with committed council members […]