Monthly Archives: May 2016

Take a good hard look in the mirror, Doug!

May 10, 2016

  Today’s editorial in the Cambridge times:  ” Dysfunctional ” city council ( click here to link to the Times) With respect to the editorial writer, the 1977-78 Cambridge council was ” dysfunctional “. These are just some of the examples: The mayor wanted to set up a ” cores corporation ” , operating outside […]

WHAT IS GOING ON IN CAMBRIDGE ??? ( was a deal struck in 2012 for the Sportsplex?)

May 3, 2016

Is someone trying to pull a fast one on the Residents of Cambridge? Are we being told that it’s not fair that we are upset and standing together as one strong voice? Monteiro states that so many “untruths” are being told by the residents of Cambridge…but wait, what does Conestoga Board members have to say […]