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1994 Report: showing evidence of VOC”s ( volatile organic chemicals) including TCE in Cambridge’s drinking water

November 15, 2011

I ran this April 10,2010   Re: Cambridge Drinking water.. Middleton St pumping station Canadian General Tower and Ciba Geigy Below you will find 3 links.. they include. A report by Brenda Thompson ( along with others)  who took it upon themselves 16 years ago…to try and warn us…” The Public” about the deadly chemicals present in our […]

Groundwater protection rules fall short, councillor says

November 15, 2011

This ran in the Record…………. comments invited below CAMBRIDGE — Proposed groundwater protection rules don’t take into account how industries used to use land near public wells, and what toxic legacies they may have left behind. The concept baffled Coun. Ben Tucci, after being told at Cambridge council Monday there are thousands of properties Waterloo […]