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Debbie’s wish list for Cambridge Election 2010

October 23, 2010

My wish list for this election I have to say, I am blown away with the number of amazing people running. If nothing else, Cambridge, we have already started to make a difference with so many of you stepping up and voicing your opinions… Trust me city hall is listening. FOR MAYOR.. LINDA WHETHAM ANDREW […]

“You’re full of shit Linda”.. Said Cambridge Councillor Ben Tucci, as he stormed out of a Landlord Protest Rally

October 16, 2010

“You’re full of shit Linda”.. Said Councillor Ben Tucci’ as he stormed out of this mornings rally. Well Cambridge you missed quite a show this morning..  (This is my spin on it) I can’t wait to see the version from CTV news.. Kayla Andrade a local Landlord called a rally this morning pertaining to the […]

I received an email accusing me of being too harsh on Elected Officials {?}

October 4, 2010

Dear readers; I’ve received an email from a person who frequently posts on other websites and sometimes posts on the Advocate… with a particular complaint /concern. It seems that this reader feels I have been too harsh on publicly elected officials, who did little or nothing to help residents dealing with environmental problems. In some cases the […]

Another one of Ben Tucci’s pet projects.. Royal Hotel to be turned into condos

October 3, 2010

This ran in the KW record in 2007…..why do we always accommodate the investors interested in downtown Galt? is my question… your comments invited below  September 18, 2007 KEVIN SWAYZE RECORD STAFF CAMBRIDGE The rotting, city-owned Royal Hotel will be transformed into upscale condominiums and retail space if a city developer’s plans unfold as promised. But taxpayers […]