Voters can have their say on ranked ballot system

September 9, 2017

News07:00 PMby Ray Martin Cambridge Times – file photo City officials will hold an information session about ranked balloting this Wednesday (Sept. 13), in an effort to gauge public interest for a possible referendum on next year’s ballot. Throughout most of Canada, the first-past-the-post system is in place, where the candidate receiving the most votes […]

Virginia orders immediate halt of voting machines considered vulnerable to hacking

September 8, 2017

Virginia on Friday agreed to stop using paperless touchscreen voting machines that had been flagged by cyber security experts as potentially vulnerable to hackers and lacking sufficient vote auditing capabilities. The action represented one of the most concrete steps taken by a U.S. state to bolster the cyber security of election systems since the 2016 […]

New Ontario tenant protection rules – News Release

September 1, 2017

Ontario Curbing Abuse of Unlawful Evictions Province Delivering Stronger Protections for Tenants   NEWS     The province is increasing security and peace of mind for renters by placing new requirements on the circumstances in which landlords can evict tenants. Effective September 1, 2017, when a landlord ends a tenancy so that they or a […]


Our Readers Say…


August 31, 2017

                                                                                                Please click on photo’s to enlarge  FOR SALE…   […]

Multiplex at Conestoga College a ‘foregone conclusion’ (from August 24th,2016)

August 25, 2017

Opinion Aug 24, 2016Cambridge Times Dear Editor, I suppose in the real world, we as citizens are allowed to speak freely and express our feelings on a variety of issues. Being dissatisfied and rebellious on certain ones has become the norm in many circles. The multiplex scenario in our city is one of them. Coun. […]


August 18, 2017

                                                                                              Please click on photo’s to enlarge  FOR SALE…   501 Peirson Ave, Port Elgin On. ASKING PRICE.. $415,000.00 THIS RAISED BUNGALOW OFFERS OVER 2400 SQ FEET OF FINISHED LIVING SPACE… PERFECT FOR THE GROWING FAMILY.. 5 BEDROOMS, 2 BATHROOMS.. MAIN FLOOR FEATURES LARGE OPEN CONCEPT KITCHEN/GREAT ROOM COMBO WITH HARDWOOD FLOORING 3 SPACIOUS BEDROOMS/ ( […]

Multiplex location won’t change… by John Gunther

August 18, 2017

Opinion Aug 15, 2017Cambridge Times As an old-time native and resident in Hespeler, I have a heavy heart in writing this letter. I would bet my new red, flannel Christmas underwear the present council will approve Conestoga College for the multiplex without question — cut and dried. I feel so very sad with all the […]

Rural Ontario Leaders Awards – Nominations Open

August 16, 2017

  Celebrating leaders in rural Ontario Nominations now open for the Rural Ontario Leaders Awards   NEWS Aug. 14, 2017 Ontario is now accepting nominations for the Rural Ontario Leaders Awards. “Rural communities are an essential part of our cultural and economic fabric. The Ontario government is committed to ensuring they remain vibrant places where […]


August 15, 2017

  This posting is in response to the recent Waterloo Region Record article titled “Tap water gains converts but we still fuss with it“. Essentially even tap water advocates admit that the taste of chlorine in the water puts people off. Thank goodness for that. Chlorine is not good for you. That said without chlorine […]

Kitchener funding announcement Health Facilities – Media Release

August 10, 2017

Ontario Updating and Repairing Community Health Facilities in Waterloo Region   Helping People Access Safe and High-Quality Health Care Close to Home     NEWS   August 9, 2017   Ontario is investing in community health facilities in Waterloo Region to help people get high-quality care close to home, in a safe, healthy and accessible […]

Multiplex: Is the Conestoga College site still a ‘valid’ choice?

August 8, 2017

OpinionAug 08, 2017 08:00Cambridge Times GARY DYKE CITY CAO..   Re: Cambridge selected for new UN data initiative. In collecting local information for the United Nations World Council of City Data, Cambridge will “gather the data required to move the needle on key issues such as climate change, while also serving to drive infrastructure investment,” […]

Talk is cheap, action is needed now on city’s fentanyl crisis

August 2, 2017

Opinion Aug 02, 2017 03:29 Cambridge Times What a difference a day makes for our mayor. A complete reversal from what I was told, and Dr. Hank Nykamp’s comments as well (must be an election year). A little over a year ago I took a syringe (injection needle) inside a water bottle into city hall […]

Watch: Hackers demonstrate how to crack Into electronic voting machines in minutes

July 31, 2017

Watch: Hackers demonstrate how to crack Into electronic voting machines in minutes AlterNet 30 Jul 2017 at 23:31 ET Voter in front of voting machine at polling station (Shutterstock) Who says America’s electronic voting machinery cannot be hacked? One of the world’s largest and best-known hacker conventions, DEF CON, debuted an interactive “Voting Machine Hacker […]


July 19, 2017

SOLD… 362,900 is the asking price for this amazing 2 bedroom Bungalow. Great location.. Everything has been done from top to bottom.. Including.. Roof.. Windows.. A.C. and Heating.. Updated Modern Kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances and new flooring.. Updated bathroom.. High End Engineered Hardwood in living room, bedrooms and foyer… Enclosed sun porch.. 2 person hot […]

Conestoga College multiplex ignores PM’s climate change commitment

July 18, 2017

OPINION… CAMBRIDGE TIMES How will the provinces, cities and rural political constituencies proceed to act now that about 195 signatory nations to the Paris climate agreement, minus Donald Trump’s United States, have confirmed their commitment to protecting the biosphere for future generations? Can we hope that planning principles will shape the thinking of local politicians […]

Investigative Report – Misfeasance in Policing

July 17, 2017

Good day, You are one of 45 or so media contacts receiving this email from me directly.  I resigned from the Waterloo Regional Police in June as opposed to joining the Class Action lawsuit. Attached to this email is a 93-page report I wrote about the systemic misfeasance in police management and coordinated suppression of […]

Infighting at Cambridge council triggered by multiplex

July 16, 2017

Opinion Jul 14, 2017by Luisa D’Amato Waterloo Region Record Is Cambridge really the crankiest city in the province? Since it got a code of conduct and an integrity commissioner last year, eight complaints have been launched, accusing city councillors of breaking the code, and asking for an investigation. That is one complaint for every 15,875 […]

With all things equal, college site not cheapest for multiplex { by Dr. Derek Coleman}

July 14, 2017

With all things equal, college site not cheapest for multiplex Opinion Jul 13, 2017 01:01Cambridge Times The July 4 Times editorial, titled “Don’t ignore task force,” was spot on with its message to listen to the recommendations of last year’s advisory task force which carefully and independently considered the location options for the multiplex, ranking […]

Online voting still too risky, cybersecurity expert says

July 7, 2017

WHY IS CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL USING THIS SYSTEM? ****************** From the kitchener Record…   NewsJul 06, 2017 05:16by Terry PenderWaterloo Region Record CAMBRIDGE — Online voting is not a secure way for electors to choose a new government, says the chief technology officer of a Cambridge-based cybersecurity firm eSentire. “As a technologist and someone who […]


July 6, 2017

The rubber meets the road with $$$$$$$$. I believe that $50 million is the figure for the long overdue cleanup in Grassy Narrows that Premier Wynne and the Liberals have promised. The people living there have suffered through no fault of their own and deserve every penny and more to restore their environment and stop […]

New Listing…28 Middleton Street… cute cozy Bungalow

July 5, 2017

362,900 is the asking price for this amazing 2 bedroom Bungalow. Great location.. Everything has been done from top to bottom.. Including.. Roof.. Windows.. A.C. and Heating.. Updated Modern Kitchen with Stainless Steel appliances and new flooring.. Updated bathroom.. High End Engineered Hardwood in living room, bedrooms and foyer… Enclosed sun porch.. 2 person hot tub […]


July 5, 2017

I renewed acquaintance with Tracy Hipel two days ago. Tracy has been an outspoken advocate, along with Debbie Vitez and others, in regards to the health and safety of the Bishop St. community residents. They have been victimized initially by Northstar and G.E.-Rozell via vapour intrusion into their homes that resulted from negligent handling and […]

Wrong site for multiplex… by Gary Worton

July 4, 2017

Opinion Jul 04, 2017 02:17 Waterloo Region Record Details in multiplex debate favours college site — July 3 Methinks Luisa D’Amato has been ‘got-at’ by someone in the corridors of power down on Main Street in Cambridge. Minor hockey, ringette, swimming — these groups have been in favour of the site from the get-go; and […]

Is this Mayor and Council, trying to pull another fast one..?? re: The location of the Multiplex

July 4, 2017

D’AMATO: New information in multiplex debate favours Conestoga College Opinion  Jul 02, 2017by Luisa D’Amato Waterloo Region Record The proposed multiplex site next to Conestoga College. The ongoing location debate is unfair to Cambridge residents who are making do with outdated facilities, Luisa D’Amato writes. – Record file photo PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ THE  […]

Multiplex project is too expensive for Cambridge: by Gerald Riley

June 10, 2017

Cambridge Times, OPINION.. I’m writing in response to a recent opinion piece published May 24 “Speak up if you want a multiplex at Conestoga College” by John Morton. First, let me congratulate the Cambridge Minor Hockey Association for a successful year as well as thank the many volunteers that are needed to run an organized […]

Conestoga Multiplex: and a request that is being sent to the “Clerk of Cambridge”, by several residents

June 10, 2017

From: Debbie Vitez [] Sent: Thursday, June 8, 2017 9:00 AM To: Clerks Subject: Could you please respond to the following requests. 1. All email contacts for the Public Multiplex Site Selection Task Force Committee 2. A copy of the motion record and all the guidelines/restrictions that the Task Force Committee must follow approved by […]

More than a ‘vocal minority’ opposed to Conestoga College location for multiplex: by Les Wells

June 10, 2017

In a recent Letter to the Editor, John Morton suggested members of Cambridge Minor Hockey write to their councillor in support of the four ice pads and the building of the sport complex at Conestoga College. He went on to suggest they need to oppose a “vocal minority” who have nothing to do with ice […]

Mayor’s focus is on his vision for the future, ignores other possibilities: opinion by Mark Boughan

June 9, 2017

Opinion .. Cambridge Times Editor’s note: This is an open letter to Mayor Doug Craig, submitted to the Times in response to the mayor’s comments during this week’s planning and development committee meeting regarding the “Gaslight District” proposal. We’ve never met. I don’t know you and you don’t know me. That’s why it bothers me […]


June 7, 2017

I’m sure that the MOECC could only improve if their budget was doubled tomorrow. They could hire the best environmental lawyers and go after the big boys with a vengeance. They could afford to prosecute and then go through the appeal system as required. The problem is at the top. Ministers and Deputy Ministers exist […]

HACKING DEMOCRACY proves your vote can be stolen without a trace. Watch it here.

June 6, 2017

Published on Sep 22, 2016 The film the voting machine corporations don’t want you to see! HACKING DEMOCRACY follows citizen investigators as they prove America’s votes can be stolen without a trace. Their mission climaxes in a duel between the Diebold corporation’s voting machines and a computer hacker – with America’s democracy at stake. To […]