New Listing… 749 Moore Street, Preston.. $349,900.

January 19, 2017

SOUTH SIDE PRESTON… Is the setting for this spacious 3 Bedroom, 2 bath family home. Brick exterior, amazing 40′ x 165 ‘ fenced yard, with perennial gardens and a double fish pond…Gas BBQ included. Interior boasts  hardwood flooring and loads of natural wood trim. Eat in Kitchen, formal dining room, large 23×11 Living room. 3 […]

Uwe Kretschmann on the Multiplex

January 17, 2017

  Some people have ask me why I was not, and am not , more involved in the sports complex discussions and presentations to council. There are a number of reasons for that. The first, and perhaps the most important is, that the sports complex, by any measure, is primarily and almost exclusively designed to […]

Frank Monteiro should not be allowed to vote on the Multiplex location

January 11, 2017

Your City Hall at its finest Cambridge {?} The interview below is your City of Cambridge Council Member FRANK MONTEIRO At a recent 570 news interview, he openly admits to staying away from the MULTIPLEX meetings, because he didn’t want  to  “CLOUD HIS MIND”.. (with alternatives or understanding the public’s concerns?) FIRST they denied Jan […]


Our Readers Say…

Multiplex task force chair discusses pros and cons of top options

January 11, 2017

Multiplex meeting Ray Martin, Times Staff Multiplex site assessment task force chair Chris Smith discusses his group’s report and recommendations with members of the public during an open house on Monday (Jan. 9). ** Residents take part in third and final open house before council contemplation begins Cambridge Times ByRay Martin CAMBRIDGE — Residents had […]


January 4, 2017

Keep in mind the dictionary definition of corruption. It doesn’t have to be brown paper bags full of money changing hands as in the Karl Heinz Screiber / Brian Mulroney style. “Riddled with errors” is also a definition of corruption. I would add that deceit, deception and manipulation of the public for self-serving purposes are […]


January 3, 2017

**Editors note** Below is another huge reason / proof that the MINISTRY OF ENVIRONMENT ARE NOT WORKING FOR THE PUBLIC.. The post below follows years and years of fighting with this questionable Government body who have done nothing for the residents of this amazing little town of Elmira.. ( it’s a small town) so no […]

Clean bill of health for Drayton site ( from June 16/2011

January 2, 2017

Cambridge Times JUNE 16-2011 City of Cambridge has decided to waive the need for a record of site condition where the new Cambridge performing arts centre will be built. It’s a move at least one neighbour is concerned about. Planner Phil Garrod, representing Southworks Factory Outlet Mall, told council his client has a concern that […]

Gaslight District’ aims to shine in west Galt

December 31, 2016

Development may be Cambridge’s largest Waterloo Region Record ByJeff Hicks The crumbling foundry ruins and clothing-factory remnants of west Galt are being fitted for a $120-million makeover. Designs for the massive Hip Developments project, unveiled to politicians and the public in the packed atrium of the Dunfield Theatre on Thursday, might even hit $125-million by […]

There’s no valid excuse to drink and drive – (not even for Councillor Pam Wolf)

December 30, 2016

“Cambridge Coun. Pam Wolf says she’s “disappointed” to have been found guilty of having care and control of a motor vehicle with a blood-alcohol level over the legal limit.” (CTV Kitchener, Published Thursday, October 17, 2013) “Under the guidelines of the Municipal Act, it’s up to each municipality to create a code of conduct for councillors, […]


December 27, 2016

Something to think about…. by Uwe Kretschmann

December 15, 2016

Thought I point out some items from the 2017 proposed city budget. First, the city overspend the 2016 budget by $ 1.6 million, which means we are about 2.2% in the hole for the 2017 budget. Second, the salary and benefit increase across the 2017 city budget is about $1.5 million..another 2% in the hole. […]

Council ‘let the devil loose’ by easing rules

December 13, 2016

  Council has set an ill-conceived precedent that it will not enforce their own rules opening the door to others who might conclude that they need not worry about complying with councils bylaws rules or restrictions.   Cambridge Times Re: Article titled “Council gives builders a break on restrictions” published Dec. 1. My comments are […]

Another example of how City Hall Cambridge deals with/ discourages “FOI ” requests !!

December 11, 2016

  On the topic of…Freedom of Information requests being DENIED… Please click on the attachment below.. I also requested under FOI back in 2010… when it was brought to my attention that the Mayor was running his 2010 Mayoral Campaign out of our City Hall…WHICH IS TOTALLY AGAINST THE LAW! I requested email from approx […]

Corruption at City Hall? ( coincidence ??.. you decide )

December 11, 2016

Rationale lacking for $12.5M library project: Liggett Freedom of Information requests denied…    Nov 06, 2014     (Editors note.. any wonder why Craig’s puppets are ostracizing and voting against Jan Leggitt.. She was targeted from the get go!!!!!!!).. **********   Corruption at City Hall? by Scot Ferguson By Staff| January 28, 2015 | 14 Comments | Filed under: […]

Re: Comment Regarding the Multiplex on Facebook ( a must read Cambridge) more of the same crap from your local mayor and council..

December 11, 2016

    Date: December 10, 2016 at 12:40 PM Subject: Re: Comment Regarding the Multiplex on Facebook Just a thought…and one I do not wish to be shared using my name through social media or such…this is private to you…the info can be shared but please do not share my email address or name…thank you. […]


December 10, 2016

  *Editors Note* I recently received this email below.. Interesting read.. This took place during the questionable 2010 Election which found all the old boys club voted back into office, along with a few that quickly joined said ” OL’ BOYS CLUB”… ( the attachment did run in the KW Record print version, which quickly […]

Doug Craig battles cynics with positive developments

December 9, 2016

Mayor’s Breakfast Ray Martin, Times Staff Mayor Doug Craig (right) was joined by Cam Guthrie, mayor of Guelph, on Thursday (Dec. 8) for the annual Cambridge Chamber of Commerce Mayor’s Breakfast. Cambridge Times ByRay Martin CAMBRIDGE – Mayor Doug Craig took the opportunity to push back against his critics and the darkness of social media […]

Regarding the 2017 budget and City Manager Gary Dyke

December 8, 2016

Regarding the 2017 budget City Manager Gary Dyke said “there is no way to bring down the proposed tax hike other than to cut services”   Interesting, how City Manager, Mr. Dyke seems unable to contain City expenditures and resultant Tax increases…   City Manager Dyke, in 2015 collected a 15.5% ‘Year over Year’ increase in remuneration – more than 3-times […]

Items from the 2017 proposed city budget.

December 2, 2016

Thought I point out some items from the 2017 proposed city budget. First, the city overspend the 2016 budget by $ 1.6 million, which means we are about 2.2% in the hole for the 2017 budget. Second, the salary and benefit increase across the 2017 city budget is about $1.5 million..another 2% in the hole. […]

New rule ‘undermines transparency’ of council

December 1, 2016

Cambridge Times Regarding Times’ Nov. 22 editorial (titled “Was it the right decision?”)about the pros and cons of Cambridge council’s new procedural bylaw, which bans council members from attending closed-door committee meetings to which they’re not appointed. Clearly this was a wrong decision. In the end, it was passed by a slight 5-4 vote majority; […]

Low voter turnout to blame for ‘poor quality of public officials’?

December 1, 2016

Cambridge Times Re: Letter to the Editor titled “Time to drain council swamp”, published Nov. 29. I couldn’t agree more with everything Mr. Thomas Vann said. As a resident of Cambridge for the past 41 years, I  watch as a once-efficient council under the leadership of the illustrious late Claudette Millar, with committed council members […]

Torn apart and brought together

November 30, 2016

Cambridge Times The location of the city’s planned recreation multiplex is a divisive issue. There are a lot of varying opinions about where this facility – the city’s largest-ever community infrastructure project – should be built. At the originally proposed Conestoga College site? On one of the Pinebush Road properties discussed? Riverside Park? Though a […]

Time to drain council swamp of legacy members

November 29, 2016

  Liar, liar, pants on fire…stop telling lies or your nose will grow. We can no longer afford all these lies. This is a democracy. The Mayor and Councilors were elected to do a job. Our “leaders” really aren’t leaders as much as public servants. They work for us. They are our employees. And we need […]

Gary Price ex council member allowed on the Budget Committee, meanwhile Jan Leggitt denied………………..

November 25, 2016

Jan Leggitt an elected Council Member for ward 4, denied access to closed door meetings.. and yet…Gary Price ( a legendary past member of Craig’s ol boys club) is allowed on the Budget Committee.(???) Is this why he didn’t challenge the Election Results.. ? **************************** Residents ask Cambridge budget committee to keep Soper pool […]

Cambridge considers code of conduct for the public

November 22, 2016

Waterloo Region Record ByAnam Latif CAMBRIDGE — Council is looking to adopt a new code of conduct, but this time it’s for the public. A decision was deferred last week to get input from Cambridge residents and craft a better policy. “They feel as if they are being treated like children,” Coun. Jan Liggett said […]

Cambridge council’s action is ‘unacceptable’… please sign and share the petition

November 21, 2016

  Cambridge Times Nov. 15 saw our city council pass a motion which prohibits councillors from attending closed session meetings of committees to which they have not been appointed (councillors Mann, Monteiro, Reid, Wolf and Mayor Craig voted in favour and councillors Adshade, Devine, Ermeta and Liggett voted against). Is this not contrary to what […]

CAMBRIDGE.. this is your Mayor reprimanding a ” Concerned Senior Citizen of Cambridge”

November 20, 2016

Editors note.. below is concerning a comment made at a recent Council Meeting..  To: Doug & Council: I heard your comment re why the Student wondered why Cambridge hates them. I hope you were man enough, honest enough to let him know that all this conflict is YOUR FAULT – as it was you who […]

Cambridge council motion may not be legal, democracy watchdog says

November 19, 2016

‘I really think this is a huge overreaction:’ Duff Conacher of Democracy Watch By Kate Bueckert, Jackie Sharkey, CBC News Posted: Nov 18, 2016 3:35 PM ETLast Updated: Nov 18, 2016 3:35 PM ET A move by Cambridge city council to prohibit councillors from attending in-camera committee meetings if the councillor doesn’t sit on that committee […]

Craig and Monteiro took their ball and went home…

November 16, 2016

  …then out of anger, they came back and changed the rules. Now isn’t that childish! Craig is happier if residents stay naive and SILENT!…then he can do what he wants with no questions asked. Obscuring transparency and silencing dissent Did Council violate its own bylaws in changing its bylaws? A first step to reviving […]

This is what happens when you don’t play by Doug Craig’s rules…

November 16, 2016

Cambridge councillor’s closed-door presence comes to an end   Cambridge Times ByRichard Vivian CAMBRIDGE- A proposal to amend council’s procedural bylaw set off a virtual firestorm of “bad faith” and mistrust allegations, along with counter claims and alternative explanations on Tuesday (Nov. 15) evening. The motion, brought forward by Coun. Frank Monteiro and approved 5-4, […]